How Do I Even Begin?

When we first begin to seek God’s will, the process itself seems scary. Human lives are maddeningly diverse. Even the lives of the saints are that way! Discernment can take so many forms. And there’s no time limit! Some people seem to know their answer right away. Others take years and even decades to reach […]

Find Fulfillment in Lifelong Love (What is Consecrated Life?)

Love is the subject of just about every song we hear on the radio. It burns up the pages of popular novels. It’s the premise of most movies and television shows. There’s no doubt that many people are looking for love — when they surf the channels or scan the stations or open a book. […]

Make the Most of Your Freedom

The story of creation makes clear that it is not good for us to be alone. God made us for love, and so we were made to live with others. Yet no earthly love will ever fully satisfy us. Friendship and romance are wonderful experiences, but they’re not enough. We were made to give ourselves […]

God Has a Plan for You

It’s easy to believe that God had a plan for Moses or Mary. They had big jobs. Moses was called to liberate a nation from slavery. Mary was called to bear the Messiah into the world. It’s harder to believe it about us. We’re right there with Emily Dickinson when she writes: “I’m Nobody! Who are […]


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