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God Has a Plan for You

It’s easy to believe that God had a plan for Moses or Mary. They had big jobs. Moses was called to liberate a nation from slavery. Mary was called to bear the Messiah into the world.

It’s harder to believe it about us. We’re right there with Emily Dickinson when she writes: “I’m Nobody! Who are you? / Are you – Nobody – too?”

We imagine God’s “master plan” for history as if it provided only for the superstars.

But that’s not how God works. In fact, it’s not how anything works. At the end of a movie, the credits roll, and we see the names of the stars in big block letters. But the movie could not have been made without all the many people behind the camera.

We don’t know much about Moses’ next-door neighbors when he was growing up. And we don’t know much about Mary’s aunts and uncles. But we know the way life works, and we know that these “incidental” and anonymous companions must have exercised a mighty influence on our great heroes.

This is the way God has designed all of history, all of creation, all of redemption. It’s not just a few people who are called to play a special role. All of us are! And each of us is!

Each and every one of us is created by God, loved by God, and CALLED by God! God has a plan for you, willed since the beginning of time, and you are the only one who can fulfill that plan.

God doesn’t see crowds. When Jesus gave up his spirit on the cross, he wasn’t thinking of billions of people who would be saved by his action. He was thinking of you in particular and me in particular. When God conceived a plan for the Church, extending salvation through all of time, we were part of that plan.

And there’s nothing vague about it. In God’s mind your path to happiness — your path to fulfillment — is clear and well marked.

Our task is to learn to see that path as God sees it. Our mission is to stay on that path, even when night falls and even when we get weary.

At CalledLA, we want to accompany you on your way. That’s what this website is for. We want to help you move forward toward God in a purposeful life. We want you to know that you don’t ever have to walk alone. Even though your path is unique, and even though your calling is uniquely yours, you can always find advice here. You can always call upon the insights of people who are experienced in the spiritual life — and the discernment of vocations.

This is God’s plan for us. It’s simple Christian faith for us to recognize that our Creator has designed our paths and yours to intersect right now, in this moment.

That’s what God did for Moses and for Mary — by providing just the right neighbors and family and companions to influence them.

Let’s get in touch and talk about it.



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